Photo Credit: Subway

Subway Announces Nationwide Search for the Biggest Fan of the Brand’s Latest Refresh, With the Ultimate Prize — Eating (And Being) Subway for Life

Change your first name to Subway and get free subs for life

For the love of Subway!

After elevating its entire menu with freshly sliced meats* and introducing a collection of new Deli Hero subs in U.S. restaurants earlier this summer, Subway is looking to reward its biggest fan with free subs for life if they legally change their first name to Subway**. Since debuting on Subway’s menu on July 11, Americans have gobbled up two million Deli Heroes, and now one lucky fan will eat them free for life.

Between August 1 and August 4, Subway superfans and sandwich lovers can visit, and enter to win free Subway Deli Heroes for life if they commit to legally change their name. Subway will select one lucky winner to earn free sandwiches and assume an iconic new identity. Subway will provide the winner with money to reimburse them for legal and processing costs for the name change, making it easy and effortless to become Subway and enjoy a lifetime of delicious subs.

Subway brand love and dedication run deep, especially when free sandwiches are up for grabs. In 2022, one superfan camped out for two days to get a footlong tattoo of the Subway Series logo in exchange for free Subway for life. Now, the addition of freshly sliced meats at Subway, showcased on its new Deli Hero subs, is inspiring a whole new level of passion.

The third year of Subway’s multiyear transformation journey is the brand’s latest and biggest update after overhauling its pantry of ingredients in 2021 and unveiling a whole new way to Subway with the Subway Series in 2022. This update is Subway’s most complex, investing more than $80 million to bring deli meat slicers to more than 20,000 U.S. restaurants and installing a slicer every five minutes over the course of nine months to get ready for this summer’s debut. To showcase its new freshly sliced meats, Subway’s culinary team spent over a year crafting the recipes for its Deli Hero subs – Titan Turkey (#15), Grand Slam Ham (#99), Garlic Roast Beef (#17) and The Beast (#30) – also piled high with double cheese.

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