Alicia Navarro (Glendale Police Department Photo)

Missing Glendale Girl Found Safe in Montana 4 Years After Her Disappearance

In 2019, Alicia Navarro, a 14-year-old Glendale girl, went missing after her mother found a note saying in her bedroom that read, “I ran away. I will be back. I swear. I’m sorry.” Navarro, now 18, has been located safely in Montana and a police investigation is now underway as to how she ended up over 1,200 miles away.

The Glendale Police Department made the announcement of the missing teens discovery Wednesday afternoon. Information released said that she was found in good health in a town approximately 40 miles from the Canadian border this week after she walked into a police department and asked authorities to be taken off a missing person’s list. Police reported that Navarro has been extremely cooperative and is still in Montana.

“We are confident that the person that we are talking with and are dealing with is indeed Alicia Navarro,” Glendale Police spokesman Jose Santiago said during a press conference.

Navarro disappeared from her family home in the early morning hours of Sept. 15, 2019. She was just 14 years old at the time.

Alicia Navarro, at the time of her disappearance, 14 years old

Details have not been released as to why Navarro left without notice. She is reported to be autistic, at a high functioning level.

Alicia’s mother, Jessica Nuñez, posted an emotional video late Wednesday, saying, “It was a miracle her daughter was located and said she had only heard of the news an hour before police notified the public. The important thing is that she is alive,” Nuñez said.

At the time of her disappearance, Nuñez and police believed her leaving could be linked to friends she met online. A police investigation into Navarro’s situation is ongoing, however authorities have said Navarro won’t face charges in connection to her disappearance.