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Thousands Flood Banks As Federal Small-Business Loan Program Begins, Businesses Reporting They Are Receiving Unnecessary Restrictions From Big Banks

Friday morning, the Trump administration launched an $350 billion small business lending effort, however the program’s infrastructure, wasn’t ready for the flood of millions of…

Ducey Announces Closures Of Arizona Hair and Nail Salons

To help the fight in the spread of COVID-19, Governor Ducey announced Friday afternoon that any Arizona hair and nail salons that haven’t already shut…

COVID-19 Deaths Up To 41 In Arizona

COVID-19 deaths up to 41 in Arizona Officials reported the state was up to 1,769 coronavirus cases, an increase of 171 from the previous morning.…

UArizona Health Sciences Ships COVID-19 Collection Kits To Navajo Nation

The University of Arizona Health Sciences shipped 250 COVID-19 sample collection kits to the Navajo Nation in Window Rock, Arizona, today to help in the international…

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