San Diego’s ‘The Baked Bear’ Opens in Scottsdale

It’s June in Scottsdale and the sun is relentlessly bearing down. For those looking for relief and a refreshing summer treat, The Baked Bear has made its arrival in Scottsdale after much success along Mission Boulevard in San Diego. The popular ice cream shop can now call Shea Boulevard “home”.

Childhood friends, Rob Robbins and Shane Stranger originally opened The Baked Bear in San Diego with the goal of providing an original treat made with quality ingredients for every customer in a joyful atmosphere. Their most popular menu option is a custom ice cream sandwich. The Baked Bear offers customers a choice of creamy, homemade ice cream between their choice of freshly baked cookies, brownie, donut, or a combination of a cookie and a brownie. Some of the most popular cookie flavors include a rich cookies and cream, snickerdoodle, a classic and fresh chocolate chip cookie, and many more, in addition to a cookie of the month.

Once the top and bottom is picked, customers then choose their homemade ice cream. A few sought after flavors include a rich rocky road, cookies and cream, mint chip, and many more. Customers can take their creation one step further and top their treat with brownie bits, hot fudge, whipped cream, or an assortment of other toppings.

The menu isn’t limited to their infamous ice cream sandwich creations. The Baked Bear also offers the traditional scoops or bowls of ice cream, individual cookies, hot fudge sundaes, or root beer floats. Another option is their “bear bowl”, or a warm chocolate chip cookie bowl filled with a scoop of your choice of ice cream. For those on a special diet, The Baked Bear offers a gluten free chocolate chip cookie and soy chocolate chip ice cream.

With an assortment of treats, and a variety of flavor combinations, every customer can find a yummy treat during these hot summer days. We happily welcome you to Scottsdale, The Baked Bear!

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