Phoenix Sky Harbor to close one of three runways

Beginning today, Thursday October 6, Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport will close its North runway for approximately one month due to construction and maintenance projects. 

If you are traveling you can expect delays of up to 30 minutes, especially during peak travel times – 7:30-10:00 am and 5:00-8:00 pm.

Travelers who require transferring to another flight should contact the airline if they have any concerns about making the connection in a timely fashion.  If you will be picking up arriving passengers it is a good idea to check on flight times before heading to the airport in case there are any delays.

Workers will be running additional power from an APS substation north of the airport all the way to terminal 3.  In order to do this they will need to remove some concrete from the north runway, install a duct bank, and re-pave that area.  This Terminal 3 modernization project will provide more efficient security, more space for passengers, and improved technology systems.

During the closure for this project the Airport will also complete some maintenance such as replacing concrete on sections of the runway where landings occur, striping and pavement maintenance, and upgrading runway lighting to LED.

Tax dollars will not be used to operate or maintain the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport.  The improvements are being funded with Airport revenue.

With the north runway closure, air traffic will be confined to using the Airport’s two south runways.  People living east and west of the airport’s center and south runways may notice increased activity on some flight paths as planes will be taking off and landing from two runways rather than the regular three.

For more information, including updates on the project, please visit skyharbor.com.  

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