Southwest Airlines Adding Nonstop Service to LaGuardia

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is adding a new service, courtesy of Southwest Airlines, to LaGuardia Airport in New York.

This nonstop service will be the only one of its kind to LaGuardia, New York going out of Sky Harbor. While there are other airlines servicing flights from Sky Harbor to LaGuardia, none of them are nonstop.

Southwest Airlines will begin these flights starting on April 14, 2018. Of course, that means that fliers looking for this service in the short term will be a bit disappointed. However, Southwest has left this service open ended with no end date on the service. In this way, it is unclear how long Southwest will be offering this flight.

Fares for this new route are as low as $280. These prices are available until June 1 and there is no indication on how the prices will change after this date.

At Sky Harbor, Southwest Airlines is the second largest carrier trailing only American Airlines. The addition of this nonstop flight does not go unnoticed by the airline giant.

LaGuardia Airport is a waterfront airport in Queens, New York. It is conveniently placed for New York natives and visitors to the city alike. It is known better for its regional flights around the area. However, with the addition of this nonstop flight, LaGuardia will be broadening its horizons across the country.

In the larger picture, the city of Phoenix and the state of Arizona hope to see a small jump in interstate commerce coming from New York with this flight available. It is reasonable to expect that travelers for both business and pleasure prefer nonstop flights. Therefore, the addition of this flight could facilitate more travel between the two destinations. 

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