Phoenix Ranks As The Top 20 Best Places to Live In U.S.

According to a study performed by the World report and organized by the US that ranked 250 cities into categories of five (net migration, job market, value, quality of life, and desirability), Phoenix sunshine was ranking at 19th place. Phoenix boasts of an affordable living cost and a flourishing job market which explains why it was at position 19. The total score is 7.0 with value at 6.6 and desirability at 8.2.

Phoenix had a growth rate of 4% between 1960 and mid-2000’s, but later on, it was hit by financial crisis in the years 2007 to 2010 which led to decrease of the growth rate. The population reduced to 1,691,600 in 2010 from 1,918,100 in 2007 which led to 11.8% job decrease. Housing rate was also one of the items that were affected by this crisis. 

By 2015 things started to improve and Phoenix regained from its inflation with employment figure at 1.97 million. Phoenix has above average vacancy rate because of overbuilding when the economy is at its best. 

Flora and fauna, a high number of recreation areas and parks, annual events and sports are some of the contributing factors to Phoenix is ranking at that position. Phoenix has a relatively favorable climate throughout the season which makes it a desirable place to be. It a rare occurrence for the snow to be present during the winter season in Phoenix as the last snow was in 6th December 1998.

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport is ranking at position 10 for being the busiest airport in the US that serves more than 100,000 people and 1000 airplanes in one day. This airport harbor has made it easier for tourist to get easy access to the city which explains the net migration rate of Phoenix.

Some of the cities that were under the same study with Phoenix were Lexington-Fayette, Ky, Dallas-Fort Worth and San Francisco which has the same rate of 7. Austin Texas and Tucson were also included with rates of 7.7 and 6.5 respectively.

Some natives don’t agree with this report findings and feel nothing has changed.



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