Joe Arpaio To Seek Office of Mayor in Fountain Hills Again

Joe Arpaio, ex-Sheriff of Arizona, is aiming to make another go of it by running for mayor of Fountain Hills.

On Thursday, he announced his plan to run for Mayor of Fountain Hills in the 2024 election by delivering a statement that he had collected the necessary 594 petition signatures to be an official candidate.

Arpaio will be running for the same seat for the second time after his failed attempt at the 2022 election. Only 49% of the voters voted for him, in his attempt to defeat the sitting mayor Ginny Dickey in the most recent election.

Mayor Dickey, who has been in office since 2018, has not yet spoken about the upcoming race.

Arpaio expressed his appreciation for all those who signed the petition he had put forth.

Expressing his gratitude for the backing of the people of Fountain Hills, Arpaio said in a statement, “I feel privileged to have been acknowledged for my knowledge, values and guidance. Let’s join forces to bring Fountain Hills a secure and prosperous future!”

Gerry Friedel, a councilmember, has also announced his intention to vie for the same position Arpaio is trying for, according to a submitted statement of interest.

Residents of Fountain Hills will have the opportunity to vote for their next Mayor on August 6th.