Photo Credit: Paislee’s GoFundMe

6-Year-Old Kentucky Girl Bakes Cookies to Raise Funds For Her Heart Surgery

She may not be an Arizonan, but her heartwarming story should be told.

A 6-year-old Kentucky girl is on a mission and her focus is to bake cookies to raise money for her upcoming open-heart surgery in May.

Since she was in the womb, Paislee’s family has been aware of her defect diagnosis, known as ventricular septum defect and articular septal defect, which causes holes in her heart. Her VSD has completely closed up, however her 2 ASD are still just as big which is allowing too much blood to pass through her lungs and heart causing her heart to enlarge. With the holes being in two quadrants of the heart on opposite side, it is now surgery time for the young girl.

Paislee’s hospital stay will be at least five days and her recovery may take up to eight weeks.

Despite her very hard health complications at such a young age, Paislee’s family says she has always remained positive and energetic. She credits her parents, brother, kitten and dog, in helping her to stay brave.

Paislee Howard has been busy in the kitchen baking up her favorite cookies in turn for earning extra money to be used toward her surgery. She has already sold 50 dozen cookies, going through 20 pounds of chocolate and 75 pounds of flour.

Her family and friends are super proud of her claiming her as their biggest inspiration. She has been through so much in the last six years and she still puts a smile and wants to put a smile on everybody’s faces.

Paislee’s family is asking for prayers as her surgery approaches. Her family has created a GoFundMe to help pay for her surgery as well as to Paislee’s best efforts in raising funds with her cookies.