Increasing Gas To Continue In Arizona And Other States

Gasoline price has been on the rise in Arizona and the nation as a whole for the past three years. The highest rate of gas was reported in November 2014, but today the price is even to hire by $75 and more per barrel. The rising costs of gasoline are going to hurt pockets of many motorists as this would mean spending more on gas.

Rising in the price of gasoline has been there but during the summer season. It is not the case now as the prices continue to increase by the day and it doesn’t decrease. If you are shocked about the hiking prices, wait until the summer, and you’ll see the price go even higher. The number of gasoline hikes during the summer season as a result of increased traveling. 

Gasoline plays a vital role in the running of a country’s day to day business and when its prices are increased the cost of living also increases. Most citizens have no idea why price in gasoline is rising. Arizona is one of the states where gas is most expensive when you compare it to the national average. Gas has increased by $5 in Arizona, and a gallon is priced at $2.69. The average price has risen by more than 18% in the past year. 

Arizona is coming in at position 15 among the highest gas prices, and this has never been the case before; In fact, Arizona is one of the states that tax gas at its lowest of 19% nationwide. Regular gas was sold at $2.85(before it ended in April), diesel and premium are trading at $3.09 and $3.25 per gallon respectively.

Arizona is not the only state with high prices, but Washington, Alaska, and Nevada have higher rates that are above $3 per gallon. The increasing gas prices are due to the increased cost of crude oil which is predicted to stabilize by the end of this year, according to the Energy Information Administration agency. 

Citizens are warned of the continued increase in gas this year, but there’s hope of it stabilizing and adopting its actual price.


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