KidsAndCars.org Raises Awareness Of Carbon Monoxide Poisoning From Keyless Ignitions

Following the tragic deaths of a father and his two young children in Kentucky, a non-profit organization is spreading its message to warn people of potential dangers that come with keyless ignition systems.

The father, Juvenal Garcia Mora, started his car in order to warm it up, which led to his garage filling with carbon monoxide and the poisoning of himself, his three-year-old son Cruz Isaac Garcia and his eight-year-old daughter Mayra Garcia. 

While accidental deaths as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning has been an issue for several years, president of KidsAndCars.org Janette Fennell said that the organization has seen an increase in the statistic due to the rising popularity of keyless ignition systems. 

“As more keyless ignition vehicles are sold, we are seeing an increase in these predictable and preventable injuries and deaths,” Fennell warned. 

Each year, over 400 people die from carbon monoxide poisoning from vehicles and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has linked 28 fatalities and 71 injuries to vehicles that have keyless ignition systems.

The largest issue with this growing problem is the frequency with which people forget to turn off their vehicles after parking in the garage. The key fob may be required to start the vehicle, but it will remain running even if the fob is removed.

KidsAndCars.org advises to never start a vehicle that is located within an enclosed space such as a garage. With carbon monoxide being a colorless and odorless gas, safety can be ensured through the installation of carbon monoxide detectors.

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