Single? Phoenix is One of the Best Cities to Live in

A recent study ranks Phoenix as the 8th-best city in America for singles. WalletHub, the same group that brought findings of the safest cities in America and the least and most literate states across the nation, performed the study.

There were other cities from Arizona that also made its way on this featured list. For the study, WalletHub viewed the top 150 most populated cities and ranked them with 29 different indicators. Some of the key indicators included gender balance and restaurant cost. These key indicators were put into three different ranges of data: dating opportunities, dating economics, and fun / romance.

With Phoenix being in the top 10, due to affordability and romantic fun present across the city, other cities like Tempe and Scottsdale were in the top 25 respectively. Continuing down the list, Tucson was at 33, Chandler at 36, and Glendale and Gilbert were in the top 105.

Even Peoria made the list at 128th out of 150. Peoria is the same place that was rated, by MyLife.com in 2014, one of the best places for newlyweds to start out.

So, what does this say about the state of Arizona? There are more single people in the state than we thought, and cities across Arizona cater more to singles, too. With 109 million people single in the United States (about 45% of the population), being single is not a weird thing or something to be ashamed of. Enjoy it while you can because there is plenty for you to do and plenty of people for you to meet.

At times, dating can be frustrating enough for you to scream, but remember that there is hope for you, especially if you live in Arizona. So make the most of it.

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