DoorDash Implementing AI To Monitor Chats Between Customers and Drivers

The use of AI is now being implemented by DoorDash in order to oversee the conversations between customers and drivers. This move shows the company’s commitment to using technology to improve their services.

DoorDash has recently introduced an innovative artificial intelligence tool that is responsible for monitoring communications between customers and delivery drivers. The purpose of this tool is to prevent the use of offensive language and improve the overall safety of the platform.

This week, the well-known food delivery service revealed the release of SafeChat+, a fresh addition to the DoorDash app that utilizes AI to identify and stop instances of verbal harassment or mistreatment. When faced with inappropriate language, DoorDash offers the option to cancel the order for delivery drivers or report the incident for customers.

According to the company, in case the order has been fulfilled, SafeChat+ will automatically restrict any upcoming messages to avoid further escalation. Moreover, the Trust & Safety team of the company will also look into all reported incidents using the new tool.

DoorDash’s SafeChat+ is capable of examining over 1,400 messages per minute and can interpret multiple languages such as English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Mandarin. It should be noted that this tool does not have access to any personal user data and will solely be utilized for monitoring purposes of any abusive language.

According to DoorDash, the majority of deliveries made through its platform, specifically 99.99%, are successfully completed without any safety-related issues. However, the company has announced the implementation of SafeChat+ in order to further enhance the safety of their platform and improve the overall experience for all users.