19-Year-Old Gila County Man Arrested For Murdering His Parents

A 19-year-old man is in custody after being arrested for the murder of his parents.

Several months after the bodies of Chase and Gail Stanfield, ages 39 and 50 were found dead inside their home in a neighborhood north of Payson, Gila County Sheriff’s Office believe the suspect to be their son.

Authorities discovered the bodies of Chase and Gail Stanfield in Whispering Pines on Oct. 27. Since that time, authorities have been collecting evidence and building a case which their investigation has led them to the suspect, of their own son. Officers have not released details of the case or a possible motive for the killings.

On March 14, the Gila County Sheriff’s Office pronounced that the couple’s son, 19-year-old Hunter Stanfield, had been arrested for first-degree murder in connection to their deaths.

“I am thankful to the detectives that have worked this case non-stop to follow all leads, collect and evaluate all evidence,” said Gila County Sheriff Adam Shepherd. “This was a time-consuming investigation and the detective’s dedication to the community and justice should be commended.”