Dinosaurs in the Desert

Prehistoric dinosaurs are invading the Phoenix Zoo!

23 prehistoric creatures will descend on the Zoo’s Desert Lives Trail starting October 6th.  Although not quite a real-life dinosaur park, the dinosaurs do move and make sounds. Some, like the Tyrannosaurus, will be life size robots. The Tyrannosaurus is 40-feet in length and 20-feet tall.

There are 15 of these animatronic robots, all part of the new exhibit: Dinosaurs in the Desert. This includes familiar dinosaurs such at the T-Rex, Stegosaurus, and a cousin to the Triceratops, the Diabloceratops.

These animatronic robots will be at the Phoenix Zoo for the next seven months starting on October 6th. In addition to general zoo admission you can view these giant creatures from history for $5. For a fun adventure visit the exhibit and you can even see the state dinosaur of Arizona, the Dilophosaurus. 

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