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September 12, 2017
Jeffrey Arena


Bisbee Arizona, has recently been named as one of the best lesser-known destinations in the country to live in. The city itself has a population of just over 5,000, and for the most part flies under the radar of visitors to the state. It is located in southern Arizona, and is home to the popular Bisbee Mining & Historical Museum. Bisbee is known for containing a beautiful yet underrated local scenery, and is quickly gaining a reputation for being one of the most exotic locations the state has to offer.

 Bisbee 1 of 15 Cities To Make The List

Thrillist, an online media company, recently put together this list of the best small towns in America. The website's mention of the relatively unknown Arizona city, could lead to a potential flood of tourism in the coming months. A total of 15 cities made the list, and the only requirement was that they had a population of under 70,000, and were “up-and-coming” cities. Ultimately, Bisbee Arizona made a list that included other national small town entries such as Hood River Oregon, and Joshua Tree California. 

Bisbee A Small Town Arizonan Gem

Bisbee is currently home to a colorful, yet small, population. It is said to be a great draw for hippies, artists, as well as University of Arizona students and teachers eager to flee from the big-city life.

Compared to many cities in Arizona, Bisbee does not endure as hot of summers, adding to an already long list of reasons why it is becoming an increasingly popular getaway. It has a thriving art scene that includes a few galleries, for both locals and travellers to enjoy.

Although Bisbee has largely flown under the American public's radar, it has been referenced on several occasions in popular culture. The town played an important role in Elmore Leonard’s novel Hombre, and was also featured in both the classic and modern 3:10 To Yuma installments.

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