Chipotle Is Testing A New Rewards Program

Phoenix is one of three cities where Chipotle is testing its new loyalty rewards program. Phoenix, Kansas City and Columbus, Ohio

“Chipotle Rewards,”  works like other loyalty program where Chipotle’s customers will earn 10 points for every dollar they spend. Once a total of 1,250 points are earned, the customer will receive a free meal. The other two cities testing this new program is Kansas City and Columbus, Ohio

Chipotle customers can earn 15 points per $1 spent on orders submitted via the website or app, but this special offer is a limited time only.

Factoring the 10-point system, customers will have to spend $125 to earn a free reward.

Customers in Phoenix, Kansas City (both Missouri and Kansas), and Columbus, Ohio can sign-up for the rewards program via Chipotle’s app or online.

As part of the new launch, all customers who sign up for the rewards program will receive a digital voucher for free chips and guacamole after they make their first purchase.