Best Buy Introducing Same Day Delivery Services

Shopping is becoming increasingly convenient in the digital age, and recent Best Buy developments are proving that to be true. The company will be offering same-day deliveries for certain stores starting September 6th. These services will be available in a number of cities, including Phoenix.

3pm Deadline For Same Day Deliveries

Customers who purchase goods online by 3 p.m. are eligible to receive their products that day. The service fee will be around $5.99, and packages will be delivered by 9pm at the latest. These services will be available in around 40 metro areas where Best Buy stores are located. A recent study revealed that 70% of American citizens are no further than 15 minutes away from their local Best Buy.

In the early stages of these developments, same-day deliveries will be available in all 40 cities by the time the holiday season arrives. Part of the motivation behind Best Buy’s new same-day delivery system is for the electronics store to remain competitive with Amazon.

Macy’s Stores Following In Similar Footsteps

Macy’s appears to be following in the footsteps of Best Buy with same-day delivery services of their own. Deliveries purchased in the Best Buy online marketplace will be shipped by Deliv, a company Best Buy has worked alongside with in the past.

President of Allison Peterson, recently stated in a blog that an important part of the company’s philosophy is for customers to receive their items how and when they please. These changes also reflect Best Buy’s considerations for shoppers who are physically unable to enter a store.

Time will reveal whether or not these added services will render Best Buy and Macy’s as competitive with Amazon. Through Amazon Prime subscriptions, Amazon shoppers too can receive same-day deliveries on a number of items.

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