Voters expect increase in wages

The voters in this election expect an increase in per person minimum wage. The increase in wages will cause inequality among jurisdictions and among 29 states. In some states, estimated values of increased wages have already been put forth. The majority of the people are in its favor. Therefore, the increase in minimum wage will be the outcome of today’s election.

In the case of federal jobs, minimum wages will not be increased and they will be at loss because of Republicans in Congress. It is believed that if wages will be increased then workers can have more stable and prosperous lifestyle. Increasing the wage of the workers will cope the gap between the upper class and middle class. However, one of the researchers states that increasing the wages is not a step towards prosperity; in fact, it’s the opposite of it. The researcher believes that increasing the wages will generate fewer job opportunities especially for teens and less experienced graduates. Only those people who have adequate experience will be employed by the companies. Hence, it will be the cause problem to the fresh candidates and teens.

It was observed from the surveys conducted by Public Policy Polling for NELP’s action fund that American citizens are in the favor of increase in the minimum wage per hour. This factor played the crucial role for voters to select the appropriate candidate. For instance, North Carolina and Missouri voting choices were changed when they discovered the Republican Senate candidates’ were not in the favor of increasing the minimum wage. Strikes have been observed by the workers of fast food restaurant to increase the minimum wage per hour to $15. Like Seattle and San Francisco cities, New York and California will also increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour.  

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