Photo Credit: State of Arizona

Trial For Former State Senator Indicted On Sex Crimes With Children Ends In Mistrial

The trial of former Democratic state Sen. Tony Navarrete, accused of sexual conduct with two children, has concluded as a mistrial.

Navarrete was arrested in August of 2021 and indicted on six felony counts. Court documents detail that a 16-year-old came forward claiming Navarrete touched him inappropriately. The abuse allegedly took place more than five times over the course of several years. Additional court paperwork report that a second teen accused him of trying to molest him.

Navarrete resigned from the Arizona Senate and he pleaded not guilty to the several counts, including child molestation and sexual misconduct with a minor.

The trial began in October 2023, however, the jury could not reach a decision on a verdict, which resulted in a hung jury.

The prosecutors have not announced their next steps with the case. “The Maricopa County Attorney’s Office will take the necessary time to review the decision in this case and determine a course of action,” the spokeswoman for MCAO said.

Navarrete was facing a minimum 49-year sentence if convicted on all charges.