The New Trend In Korean Skin Care: Snail Mucin

These days everyone is searching for the holy grail in skin care that helps to nurture clear, healthy skin and supports the anti-aging process.  In a new massive trend at the moment, a particular skin care product that is either being embraced and loved or creeping people out at the thought of using it.

A growing popular Korean skincare product, snail mucin has people all around the world slathering on snail slime. However, the slime usage has a long history.

The famous Greek physician Hippocrates reportedly wrote about snail mucus during ancient Greece times. By the 19th century, snail slime was being used to obtain smooth skin from skin disorders, heal wounds and serve as a remedy for other illnesses such as hernias and tuberculosis.

Snail mucin is a gel liquid secretion from a snail. It has also been referred to as snail slime and its composition includes natural glycoproteins, small amounts of collagen, elastin, allatonin and humectants. It is believed to nurture the skin with growth factors and antioxidants in addition service as a form of hyaluronic acid.

Some results say the slime is effective in treating breakouts and heals scarring due to the regenerative properties and tissue restoration components. It helps reduce inflammation, be said to smooth fine lines, hydrate and brighten skin, allowing you get to your glow on for a relatively low cost. Many believe this slime packs a powerful punch and is exactly what your skin needs.
At this point, there hasn’t been extensive research on snail mucin to back up all the claims, however information passed down from ancient medicinal cultures and circumstantial claims indicates that slathering on the slimy snail secretion can offer healing properties that are in fact beneficial to your skin.

How To Apply Snail Mucin

If you can get past the literal gooey slimy texture, the product retains moisture and does not irritate. It is recommended to start with a fresh, cleaned, dried face. This allows the product to penetrate effectively. The snail mucin product should be the first product applied after cleansing. A little goes a long way and it is recommended to apply to the entire face, even adding to the neck and chest to help in hydration those important areas that also age.

Research has said this can be used in both the morning and evening before bed. It dries clean without a stickiness to it and wears nicely under both facial sunscreen and make up.  It is also great first step to a nighttime routine, before applying evening moisturizer.

One concern with adding a new product to your routine, especially one that is an unknown is concerns if it will clog pores. Snail mucin has been proven to be non-comedogenic. For those battling acne it offers a soothing anti-inflammatory addition to your skincare regime. It has been known to help with both acne and acne scaring and it works to repair the damaged skin barrier.

Products With Snail Mucin

South Korean cosmetics manufacturers offer a wide variety of options to add snail mucin to your skincare routine.  Snail mucus can be found added to skin care products like: face creams, moisturizers, gel masks and skin repair serums

Is Snail Mucin Safe To Use?

Snail Mucin is not poisonous. There are no documented specific side effects associated with applying snail slime onto the skin. While most people who have used snail mucin have not had any adverse reactions, it is important to start slow and watch for any reactions upon starting the addition of this type of skincare. If you have sensitive skin, it is recommended to start with smaller quantities in patch testing. Also, do your research on brands and read reviews, making sure to select a brand that offers high quality processing and go with a brand offers high quality harvesting and purification processes.

According to experts here are the best brands to consider:





COSRX Snail Mucin Moisturizer 





Peach Slices | Snail Rescue Intensive Treatment Wash-Off Face Mask





Beauty of Joseon Serum Line Revive Serum Ginseng + Snail Mucin





SeoulCeuticals Korean Skin Care Snail Mucin Moisturizer Cream





Elicina Crema de Caracol Snail Cream





Biopelle Tensage Growth Factor Intensive Serum 40 Post-Procedure or Intensive Boost Ampoules






COSRX Snail Mucin 96% Power Repairing Essence





Deoproce Snail Recovery Cream Snail Mucus Effect, Korean Skin Care





LA PURE Korean Face Mask – Hydrating Sheet Mask, Beauty Snail Mask, Anti-Wrinkle Korean Skin Care, Anti-Aging Sheets Pack





MIZON Snail Line, Snail Repair Intensive Ampoule





Enriched Organic Snail Slime Serum – NEREA GORGOLAIO

Is it worth trying to find out if the new trend is worth the hype? Happy slathering!