New Technology Helps Consumers Shop For Groceries Developed In Arizona

Do you have specific dietary need or perhaps trying to eat healthier? Often times the food labels can be a misleading or don’t make a lot of sense.

Now there is an app for that. New technology developed in Arizona is revolutionizing the way consumers shop for groceries and helping consumers eat healthy.

WellRx is helping personalize your shopping list to better your health and brings you a free nutritionist right to your phone.

The app allows shoppers to scan just about every item at the grocery store and not only informs you how health it is overall, but if you have a specific diet requirement, it allows you to select foods that will help your overall health.

WellRx is an established app that has just rolled out this new feature that helps you align the food choices you make with your health condition, such as diabetes, gluten free or perhaps pregnancy.

In addition to that, the user can set up specific diets such as the Paleo diet, Weight Watchers or even food allergies. All of those attributes can be added to the app and as you are shopping the aisles, the app assists with helping you make better choices.

The scanned bar code will offer a “food index” score based on calories and ingredients.

WellRx says it’s the first mobile app to implement this technology on the phone. The app is free and available on both the App Store and Google Play.