Texas Attorney General Sues Pfizer Over Alleged Misrepresentation of Covid-19 Vaccine Effectiveness

The Lone Star State’s Attorney General, Ken Paxton, has initiated legal action against Pfizer, accusing the pharmaceutical business of fabricating the efficiency of its COVID-19 vaccine.

In a statement from the Attorney General’s office, Paxton charged Pfizer with “making false claims about the efficacy of its COVID-19 vaccine.”

Paxton argued that the assertion by Pfizer that their vaccine had a 95% efficacy rate against infection was “highly questionable.”

The Attorney General accused Pfizer of utilizing misleading figures from the initial trial outcomes to “persuade” consumers into making a certain decision by portraying that the vaccine was long-lasting.

The Texas Attorney General has filed a lawsuit against Pfizer, alleging that the company sold medication that it was aware was not effective and deliberately manipulated quality test results.

Paxton alleged that Pfizer had undertaken a program to suppress the voices of those expressing dissent regarding the vaccine.

Attorney General Paxton declared that they are fighting for the rights of the citizens of Texas who were forced to be vaccinated with a faulty product due to forced vaccine requirements.

Pfizer declared that the lawsuit filed by Paxton had “no basis.”

The lawsuit follows Attorney General Paxton’s investigation into Pfizer and other vaccine manufacturers announced earlier this year.