St. Mary’s Food Bank In Need Of Turkey Donations As Thanksgiving Holiday Approaches

St. Mary’s Food Bank in Phoenix is concerned they will not be able to collect a sufficient amount of turkeys to provide Thanksgiving dinners to a record-breaking number of families in the Valley who are in need.

St. Mary’s Food Bank announced on Thursday that the non-profit organization had fallen 7,000 turkeys short of their goal of about 21,000 for the upcoming Thanksgiving Day.

In the days prior to Thanksgiving 2022, St. Mary’s gave away more than 20,000 turkeys and food packages for the holiday.

This coming weekend, the 18th annual Super Saturday Turkey Drive hosted by the organization will attempt to collect enough turkeys to provide a meal for all in need. Individuals who wish to help can donate turkeys, other food items, and money between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m. at the Valley food bank locations and 19 Albertson’s and Safeway stores in the Phoenix area.

This Saturday, Albertson’s and Safeway are providing a match to the initial 500 turkeys donated. A complete list of the supermarkets taking part can be found online.

During the weekdays from 8 in the morning to 4 in the afternoon, donors are able to drop off frozen turkeys and other food items at either the St. Mary’s distribution site on 31st Avenue close to Thomas Road in Phoenix or at 13050 W. Elm Street in Surprise, close to Bell and Dysart roads.

Financial contributions may be made on the website of the food bank.

Families In Need

The St. Mary’s location in Surprise is expected to see a surge in need, as senior citizens on fixed incomes are feeling the pinch of inflation.

The Surprise site has experienced an upsurge in visitors. Previously, the daily count would be around 100 to 175, but the current figures are surpassing 600 people daily.

People of all ages, particularly the elderly, who have never asked for help before, are turning to St. Mary’s for sustenance. After giving their time in volunteer service, they are able to carry home a food box.