Primexbt Releases A New Contests Module And Announces A Global Competition

In addition to being the fastest-growing trading platform in the current finance industry, PrimeXBT is a leading innovator and releases new products regularly. The company’s latest development has hastened growth by improving the overall user experience and increasing engagement in its award-winning platform.

PrimeXBT is arguably the best margin trading platform that offers crypto, forex, stock indices, and commodities from a single account. As a result, traders can build a diverse portfolio that features traditional and digital assets to help utilize opportunities by understanding how to trade Ethereum with leverage.

Besides its diverse portfolio, PrimeXBT incorporates unique and innovative solutions that offer trading alternatives for investors and traders alike. In return, the traders can achieve increased usability and profitability when using the platform.

All-In-One Innovative Solutions

In addition to the present innovative solutions such as an analysis module with in-built charting tools and covesting yield accounts, the platform features an all-time new contest module and covesting copy trading software. Moreover, it includes additional technical analysis tools from TradingView that match the current crypto-market standards.

Unlike the traditional finance that heavily relied on Optima or Bloomberg Terminal, modern crypto traders can achieve more from the user-friendly and customized TradingView tools. Similarly, traders can seamlessly plot support and resistance, draw trend lines, launch up to fifty technical indicators or oscillators, and project Fibonacci extensions for any asset in the platform. Here is a comprehensive view of all the included state-of-the-art solutions

Covesting Copy Trading Module

This module is perhaps the most familiar among all the modules provided by PrimeXBT. Unlike social trading, which entails following traders and mirroring their trades online, copy trading involves bringing together different followers and trading managers transparently.

The process involves using a global leader board system that tracks the performance of a special trading account created and managed by strategy managers. Followers can then employ a risk and success system of measurement and other performance data to decide the most suitable strategy managers who can deliver performance when followed.

Covesting Yield Accounts

Covesting yield accounts- one of the recently released modules on PrimeXBT, is a yield-generating tool in this award-winning platform available for consumers thanks to the B2B partnership.

With a covesting yield account, users can achieve seamless connections to popular DeFi apps from within their PrimeXBT account. Moreover, investors can state idle crypto assets and earn up to 10% APY rewards.

My COV Token Utilities

These experiences fall under the My COV module category and feature all the data related to current COV token utility tokenomics, such as current supply, burn rate, and current price, among others. Additionally, this section allows users to activate their COV token membership levels, which triggers the full COV token utilities. The utilities include trading fee discounts for strategy managers, enhanced profit shares for followers, up to two times boost in Covesting yield accounts, among many other benefits.

Newly Introduced Contest Module

In addition to all the profitability achieved from the existing modules on PrimeXBT, the new contest module appears to be fun and exciting. This module, commonly referred to as Contests, incorporates typical trading competitions between all users.

Similarly, new users can access risk-free trading that will enable them to learn how to navigate markets instantaneously while standing a chance to win prizes worth up to $100 000. If you are a pro trader, you can showcase your skills for the world to see while raising the wager with exciting high-stake prizes. These fun prizes will be awarded on a weekly and monthly basis with all kinds of competitions.

At the kick-off of the recently introduced Contests module, PrimeXBT has announced a Global Trading Competition, a first of its kind. You can access more information on the contest in the official PrimeXBT blog. However, the first competition is mainly designed for new traders to help them invest in a positive setting.

Moreover, with the module, partners can create branded competitions that allow them to engage with the Covesting user base in a bid to attract newbies to trade.

A Trading Platform For Everyone

PrimeXBT employs a client-oriented approach through its Contests module, which provides newbie users with a dedicated account manager that promises to deliver a completely personalized trading experience. Besides, it features a massive help center that offers an official company blog. The blog includes details on the latest launches and additional information regarding the new Contests module. The blog also features guides explaining how to trade Ethereum with leverage and how to long Bitcoin, additional trading tips and recommendations, and market reports.