Burglars Tunneled Into Local Pharmacies, Steal Oxycodone

Two family owned pharmacies have been hit by brazen thieves on a mission to steal high value drugs.

Two thieves, caught on surveillance camera, cut through the walls of two pharmacies in Phoenix and stole a large volume of oxycodone. Phoenix police are now asking for the public’s help in identifying those involved.

Police said the suspects tunneled into S & G Pharmacy, near 35th and Peoria Avenues, and MG Pharmacy, near Bell Road and 45th Avenue, in November and December and stole large amounts of oxycodone and hydrocodone.

Police released three photos of the alleged suspects from the surveillance video, however identifying them is difficult as both are seen wearing dark clothing and face masks.

Both pharmacies are independent and are approximately 5 miles apart. S & G Pharmacy has been in business since 1988. MG Pharmacy’s has been operating since 1986.

MG Pharmacy, which is located in a medical complex had installed safety glass and bars on the windows to protect from theft. However, the burglars broke into the pharmacy from the dental suite next door. The thieves cut through the back of a safe to get oxycodone that was locked away.

The street value of the stolen drugs is considered $30,000 in total value between the two burglaries.

Anyone with information on the this crime is asked to contact the Phoenix Police Department or Silent Witness, 480-WITNESS.