Phoenix Woman Warns Of Scammer Posing As CenturyLink Technician

A woman in Phoenix named Vanity Delgadillo, had a recent encounter with a scammer posing as a CenturyLink technician. She is now warning fellow residents in her neighborhood. The scammer arrived at her house late, claiming that a connection issue inside required his assistance. She immediately refused.

The following day she called CenturyLink, to see if there was any legitimacy to the scenario. The telecommunications company quickly confirmed her suspicions, that this was indeed a false technician. They also mentioned that they never send technicians to customer’s homes after 6pm.

The Warning Signs And The Scammer’s False Narrative

Initially, the supposed “technician” said he would check the internet connection, in case an outage had occurred. Thankfully, Delgadillo went with her gut instinct, realizing that something was wrong about the situation. The man’s unprofessional looking CenturyLink t-shirt was one of the first red flags. On top of that, no name was provided, nor was he in possession of any of the necessary credentials. She scanned the driveway and sidewalk for a company vehicle, but could not find one. After having rejected his “service”, she took note of his urgency in fleeing the scene.

Neighbors Report Having Experienced Similar Scam

Since the odd occurrence, Delgadillo has found out that many of her neighbors have had confrontations themselves, with the scammer. She discovered this by communicating with her neighbors through the Next Door App, which essentially serves as an individual neighborhood’s social media circle.

The encounter took place by Indian School Road and 12th Street. Fellow Phoenix residents in the area are encouraged to remain watchful, and to warn neighbors/notify police of any further suspicious activity.

More information about how you can stay updated and safe in your neighborhood with the Next Door App can be found here.

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