Phoenix Pride’s 37th Annual Festival

For the LGBTQ community, it is perhaps a better time than ever to be loud and proud. And equally important to voice your support. Let Phoenix Pride help with that. You even have two days to do it.

Phoenix Pride is a yearly festival that has been a longstanding tradition of positivity, entertainment, and outreach for Phoenix. 2017 will be its 37th annual event.

If you like to have fun in pretty much any way, the event has something for you. It includes a variety of food vendors to try, exhibitors to interact with, art, and best of all plenty of outstanding entertainers from all kinds of backgrounds spanning many different styles. Dance, enjoy art, enjoy the local community, and enjoy an amazing tradition that looks to continue strong into 2017.

The event will be on April 1st and April 2nd from noon to 9pm at Steele Indian School Park. While the event is very inclusive, it does come with some items being omitted if you’re looking to attend. This includes things like coolers and alcoholic beverages.

You can also buy tickets that allow for meet and greets with many of the popular artists and attendees including names like Belinda Carlisle, Justin Crum, and Aaron Carter.

So if you are looking for a fun way to interact with your local community, voice support, and eat some amazing food to some amazing music, Phoenix Pride is for you April 1st through 2nd