Phoenix Man Charged With 10 Counts of Child Pornography, Had Photos of Daughters Friend On Phone

A northeast Phoenix man has been arrested on multiple child pornography counts.

Matthew Trask

According to court documents, On Wednesday Phoenix police arrested 38-year-old Matthew Trask. He was booked into the Maricopa County Jail on 10 counts of sexually exploiting a minor. Two of those charges are class 2 felonies.

During the police investigation and interview, Trask told police he wasn’t attracted to children. The history of photos on his phone told a different story. Police found explicit photos of prepubescent children being sexually abused on his phone.

In further disturbing details, according to court documents, police officers found several suggestive photos of a child his daughter played with.

Trask admitted to officers he took the photographs of his daughter’s 10-year-old friend’s buttocks while she was wearing a bathing suit.

He reportedly told investigators that he took the pictures as motivation to help his daughter lose weight. He denied it being out of sexual interests.

Court documents detail that Trask attempted to convince officials he was attracted to women with childlike features, not children. However, investigators discovered 10 photos of children being sexually exploited on his phone.

Trask’s bond was set at $100,000.

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