Driving in Arizona: The Latest Road and Traffic Updates You Need to Know

“Roads were made for journeys, not destinations.” – Confucius. As the summer heats up in Arizona, so too are the construction and road improvements being made throughout the state. Starting in July, drivers can expect some traffic delays of various lengths as major road work gets underway and substantially changes the layout of this busy thoroughfare.    

Restrictions for High Country Travel from Arizona

It’s essential to keep up with the latest road and traffic news if you plan on heading out for a jaunt through Arizona’s high country, especially if traveling to the White Mountains or Mogollon Rim. Some of the routes are going to be closed, so before you hit the skies (or hit the gas), check out this list of restrictions on the AZDOT (Arizona Department of Transportation) website. Along State Route 87, there is just one lane open northbound and reduced speed limits between mileposts 244-245 due to pavement damage from Friday’s tanker fire. Unfortunately, it looks like travelers will have to put their fast-footing on hold until crews can complete an environmental cleanup of the area and repair the roadway around 10 miles south of Payson. US 60 received some hefty blowback from its closure during last month’s Flying V Fire—meaning that even though it has been reopened, drivers should still expect slowdowns along this route too. During business free hours (6 am – 9 pm), travel across mileposts 300-303 could be met with single lane closures while control crews maintain conditions around 35 miles south of Show Low—pilot car guided all day. No restrictions are applicable in either direction between 9 pm – 6 am, so those who want an express trip might want to consider traveling through these times.

 Major Road Improvements Planned for Peoria Avenue in Surprise, Arizona 
Surpriseaz has said that there are some road improvement plans in place throughout July on Peoria Avenue. The good news is that all of this frustration from slowing down will be worth it: once complete by Tuesday July 25th, drivers traveling along Peoria Ave from Cotton Lane to 175th Avenue will enjoy a widened roadway including dedicated turn lanes for both westbound and eastbound traffic – making entry into business areas far safer than before. Furthermore, an access road for only local traffic will provide necessary access to residents needing to enter neighborhoods south of Peoria Avenue during these closures, with many detour routes marked accordingly ahead of time. Then starting Sunday 17th all directions pivoting at the intersection between Peoria Ave are subject to full closures in order for crews to improve the entire junction, setting better grounds for installation further down the line.

To top things off, prior works done one month back near the corner between Cactus Rd and Cotton Ln have already opened roads enabling smooth passage North-South wise along the same area. If you’re involved in a crash in Surprise, Arizona, then hiring Surprise, AZ motorcycle accident attorneys can make all the difference when it comes to protecting yourself and getting fair compensation for your damages. Lawyers know the drill – they understand the ins and outs of state laws, regulations, and procedures related to personal injury cases. In addition to making sure that everyone is following the rules, lawyers provide an objective evaluation of your claim’s merit, which helps identify what kind of compensation you may be entitled to receive for medical bills, lost wages or any other losses associated with being injured.

No matter where you drive in Arizona, you can always save time and stay safe by paying attention to the road restrictions taking place. But if safety isn’t enough of a deterrent for reckless driving, make sure you know your rights as a driver — it’s essential that you understand them in case there is ever a crash or accident situation so that way you have legal representation in order to help protect your rights.