Phoenix Children’s Hospital To Undergo $40 Million Expansion

The Phoenix Children’s Hospital will undergo a $40 million expansion in order to meet the growing needs of the hospital’s patients.

Since the creation of the hospital, it has built itself an international reputation for providing some of the best care in the world, especially within the pediatric sphere. The hospital is home to 75 subspecialty fields of pediatric medicine and includes 6 Centers for Excellence in pediatric disciplines. This outstanding status, though, hasn’t created any more room for the patients that occupy the hospital.

The buildings of the hospital were originally built to make space for 22,000 patients every year. Phoenix Children’s Hospital has been consistently seeing to more than 80,000 children per calendar year. Quadrupling the number of intended occupants in the hospital has been trying on both the building and staff over the years.

The $40 million being used to expand the hospital will be used to expand the emergency department and Level 1 pediatric trauma center. These departments see the most patients come through their doors and, accordingly, will be receiving the grandest upgrades.

With these new spaces put into place, the hospital will be able to comfortably fit 100,000 patients annually rather than its current 22,000 number. The systematic efficiency of the hospital is also expecting an uptick due, in part, to the number of private exam rooms that is supposed to triple.

This forward looking expansion will be an integral part of keeping with the internationally recognized hospital at its peak. The hospital will be able to take care of more patients and take care of them at a much higher quality. This long expected improvement will most likely not go unrecognized by the international pediatric community.

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