Park System To Expand After $1.55m Purchase By County

A 5-square-mile ranch located on the eastern slopes of the Catalina Mountains will be added to the Pima County park system for $1.55 million, according to people familiar with the matter.

A vote by the Board of Supervisors last month moved to acquire the Tesoro Nueve Ranch, which includes springs and streams, and its surrounded by conservation properties owned by the county and its Regional Flood Control District as well as the Coronado National Forest.

Office of Sustainability and Conservation representative Brian Powell emphasized the value of water on the ranch, in light of recent circumstances this summer.

Office of Sustainability and Conservation representative Julia Fonseca said the site could also be used to reintroduce the Gila topminnow, an endangered species.

Nicole Fyffe, County Administrator Assistant, says closing of the sale is expected by the end of the summer.