Nonprofit Opens Home for Veterans

Soul Sanctuary in the Desert, a volunteer driven, non-profit organization in Phoenix, AZ  has recently expanded its services. Developed in 2004 for at-risk families, specifically women and children, the mission was to provide a safe place for these families to live. While residing at Soul Sanctuary, individuals work with volunteers work to end the cycle of physical abuse, substance use disorder, and trauma that so many of these families are plagued by, and improve understanding and prevention. By creating their own development programs focused on psychological, spiritual, and physical development, women and children are able to heal and grow.

Soul Sanctuary is now working to serve individuals along that same spectrum of trauma and substance use disorder. On April 22nd, a Veterans Home was opened for veterans and first responders with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and their families. The mission of this development was to give veterans a safe haven while they work with professionals to combat the symptoms of PTSD they developed through combat and trauma while performing their military service.

The Veterans Home allows these individuals to receive professional therapy and rehabilitation treatment at the Soul Sanctuary Wellness Clinic. By providing housing, therapy, and rehabilitation in the same place, PTSD sufferers are better able to understand and navigate through their often misunderstood PTSD symptoms. The hope is that all of these individuals be given the opportunity to grow from their experiences and move on to become their best selves. Without Soul Sanctuary in the Desert, many of these veterans and families would not have the resources to support them in understanding and treating the violence, addiction, and trauma.

This organization has been made possible by generous donations from groups like the Phoenix Suns, Cigna Medical Group, Arizona Foundation for Women. It has also been made possible by individuals like Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Sandi Young, Peter G. Thomas, Theresa Romero, Char Hubble, and Roberta Thomas.

If you would like to support Soul Sanctuary of the Desert, or you are a Veteran in need of care and do not have the resources, please contact Soul Sanctuary at 602-566-7627.

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