Arizona Voters Stand Against Prop 205 For Legalizing Recreational Marijuana Use

The chance to legalize recreational marijuana has not been passed in the state of Arizona. This means that the current law remains which states that possession, growth, usage or purchase of the said substance is illegal in the state. However, under the Arizona Medical Marijuana Act, only medical marijuana is legal as long as an individual has a medical card.

Moving on to the race for Proposition 205, the proposition lost by 52.1%. According to Steve Farley, a District 9 Arizona Senator more youth should’ve voted in order for the proposition to be passed into law. The main issue with the current proposition had to do with how a monopoly would’ve been created linked to Arizona’s marijuana industry. Laura Ciscomani, a UA alumna and volunteer with Arizonans for Responsible Drug Policy, said that Proposition 205 contradicted with the anti-trust and monopoly laws in the constitution of Arizona.

If the proposition had passed, use of marijuana would’ve increased among the area’s youth. The opponents of the proposition also said that there was no effective manner of testing for THC, which is substance present in cannabis that can alter the mind. It would’ve made it quite hard for law enforcers to regulate driving under the effects of marijuana. In Denver, the rates of marijuana-related DUIDs increased by 47% after the legalization of the substance.

Medical marijuana was approved by Arizona voters back in 2010, and it won by approximately 4,000 votes. More than 100,000 people have physician recommendations to use the substance. If Prop 205 was allowed to pass then it would’ve allowed adults, aged 21 and older, to be in possession of up to one ounce of marijuana, and be allowed to use it in private settings. While people would still not have been able to use it is in public or in front of minors, it still raised concerns in the general public about kids picking up the habit. With the support for legalizing marijuana is spreading across the country, Arizona Prop 205 opponents are working on more comprehensive plans.

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