New Improv Theatre in Central Phoenix

It’s become a part of nearly every college campus in the state, and a major active scene across Arizona as a whole: it’s improvisational comedy.

If you’re a fan of local comedy and improvisation in Arizona, you might remember the name Sam Haldiman.

Haldiman left Arizona early on in his improvisational career in favor of Chicago to continue learning and honing his skills in comedy. In Chicago, Haldiman became much more skilled in longform and became more comfortable performing it in group work. He has now returned to Arizona’s bustling improv scene to make his own major contribution to it; a new entire theatre and school.

Haldiman opened his new project Second Beat Improv Center January 7, at 6040 North Seventh Street, just north of Bethany Home Road. As it moves to become a hub for the local improvisational scene giving performers a stage to perform on, many are flocking to and embracing the publically supported school. It stands as a place to meet fellow enthusiasts and take classes to help mold the next generation of great longform comedic performers.

Haldiman didn’t do it alone, however. Arizona natives came together for Haldiman’s GoFundMe for his business idea, bringing up more than $4,000 for the cause.

While it isn’t the only place of its kind in Arizona, this level of funding in a gofundme campaign for a new business is a great sign that improv-practitioners are wanting and excited for a new spot to perform in, learn in, and visit.

Beyond just the comedy perspective, this is a great sign for the developing culture of Phoenix to have yet another great place to express the region’s voice.

With the experience Haldiman was able to put together in his time away from Arizona, we can only expect great local talent to grow and continue the teachings.

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