Neglected Property Causes Complaints Among Phoenix Citizens

The Central Corridor is known as one of Phoenix’s most upscale neighborhoods, with beautiful homes throughout. However, there is a vacant lot in the neighborhood that is covered with overgrown grass and unsightly mounds of dirt. The lot is located at the corner of Central and Bethany Home Road.

The North Central Phoenix Homeowner’s Association president, Mary Crozier, commented on the lot saying that, “The lot has actually created more blight…” and commenting on trash and other items, such as shopping carts, that are left there. Crozier notes that the problem began the past year when a senior living group home opened next door to the vacant lot.

The owner of this facility, Peak Assisted Living, had originally planned to build another home on the vacant lot. Instead, as time has gone on, it has become a dumping ground of sorts and contains only construction debris and other trash. Crozier says she doesn’t get why the owner doesn’t clean the lot up.

The HOA in the neighborhood has been unable to track down the owner of the property, and although a complaint was filed in September with the city, nothing has been done. The director of Phoenix Neighborhood Services, Spencer Self, says that he hasn’t been able to reach the property owner for months, but recently, in the past week, he has made contact and was told that the lot would be cleared. If this does not happen, the property owner could be fined, cited, and would be obligated to go to court for the matter.