Lawsuit Filed by Father Against Alleged ‘Gilbert Goons’ and Their Parents for Attacks

The father of a victim of teen violence has filed a formal lawsuit against numerous individuals, including the families of teenagers, who are suspected to be members of a group called the Gilbert Goons.

In Maricopa County, a civil lawsuit has been filed against families of multiple teenagers and their parents, claiming that they were involved in a civil scheme that has been ongoing for over a year. The lawsuit accuses the teens of engaging in behaviors such as harassment, intimidation, and unprovoked attacks on innocent teenagers.

On Thursday, Rick Kuehner filed a complaint regarding the violent attack on his son that occurred at an In-N-Out restaurant in Gilbert in August 2023. In that assault his son was attacked and beaten. The suspects used brass knuckles in the beating.

In December, the Gilbert Police Department reopened the case of Kuehner’s son, with the department sharing photos of the attack to assist in identifying the perpetrators.

The lawsuit was initiated against 17 parents and their alleged group members for various attacks dating back a year. The complaint also claims to have video proof that all minors mentioned in the case have participated in or aided in public assault and battery.

The lawsuit accuses the negligent supervision and statutory liability, specifically parents and guardians.

On Wednesday, authorities in Gilbert and other areas have reported over 24 arrests related to teenage violence. These are the latest arrests in the ongoing efforts to address this issue.

The Gilbert Police Chief Michael Soelberg has made a valent effort to be transparent with the community in their efforts to investigating the possibility of gang involvement  with the “Gilbert Goons” group. This investigation involves multiple agencies and is still in progress, according to the chief.