Governor Ducey to Expand Border Strike Force Program

The Governor’s office has released statistics on Border Strike Force. The program was created in September 2015 to combat drug trafficking.

The program has resulted in 2,480 arrests. From these arrests, officers have confiscated 50,000 pounds of marijuana, 12 million hits of heroin, 7,500 prescription pills, 250 firearms, and $10 million cash.

The most successful actions of the group are Operation Sidewinder II and III. These two operations led to 73 felony arrests and the confiscation of 5,084 pounds of marijuana.

Governor Ducey has made the decision to not only continue the program, but to expand it. He’s dedicating $2.9 million dollars in his 2019 Executive Budget to the program.

The program was created with the help of the Arizona Department of Public Safety. The Governor believed public safety should be joint effort, and he employed the help of law enforcement agencies, as well.

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