Medavail Technologies Plans to Open Kiosk Pharmacies in Arizona

In today’s hustling and bustling world, convenience is a necessity, and one medical center in the Valley is hoping to make prescription fills even easier and faster.

Medavail Technologies plans to install forty vending machine-like kiosks throughout Arizona, allowing you to receive your medications with little effort.

Similarly to a boarding pass, prescriptions come in the form of a QR code. The barcode can be scanned, and by entering a verification code for security, the user will receive his or her medication. Individuals even have the ability to speak with a pharmacist through video chat. That same pharmacist also verifies each prescription, getting a snapshot from the kiosk location before it’s released.

The kiosk is stocked with over 700 medications, which can be customized by the location based on patient trends.

Bayless Integrated Health Center in Mesa is one of the first to install the kiosk, placing it just inside their clinic. Patients can then have their prescriptions filled as soon as they are treated.

“Convenience has really been the factor people have looked at because it saves them 30-45 minutes of having to go to another site, stop, get out of the vehicle, go into the pharmacy and pick up a prescription,” said Ed Kilroy, CEO of Medavail Technologies.

Next, Medavail Technologies plans to unveil a drive-up kiosk in the future that would be similar to a drive-up ATM.


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