Former Secretary of State Ken Bennett Set To Challenge Gov. Ducey In Primary

Gov. Doug Ducey has a challenger for his re-election. Ken Bennett, the former Arizona Secretary of State filed paperwork a few days ago with the Secretary of State to make his run official. Bennett says he is worried about the financial status of teacher’s pay rise that was recommended by Ducey.

Ken Bennett is a Tucson inhabitant who once was a member of the Prescott city council working as mayor pro tem 30 years ago. He was later voted in the Arizona State Senate in 1998 and then became the president of the Senate in 2003 where he served for four years.

He was appointed the secretary of state in 2009 by Gov. Jan Brewer who was replacing Janet Napolitano who was resigning for another post. Bennett was voted in an election of 2010 to become the Secretary of sSate. 

In 2013 he ran for the governor’s office which Ducey was also a contestant and came in fourth and lost the election to Ducey. Later in 2016, he ran against Sheriff Paul Babeu in the Republican primary’s which he also lost. 

Bennett doubts Ducey’s promise to raise the teachers’ pay within three years. He questions Ducey’s promise saying this could be achieved without raising taxes. Bennett wonders where the state the funding to accomplish this mission will come from. 

Bennett made the decision to run against Ducey because he feels that Ducey has lost popularity, and people want change, and he believes he is the change people want. 

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