Neighborhood Services Department Fights For Graffiti Free Phoenix

The Neighborhood Services Department is seeking the help of concerned individuals, in the effort to establish a graffiti free Phoenix. Those who seek to participate, can report graffiti and even lead efforts to clean up neighborhoods. Workshops, which teach people how to use pressure washers and other tools needed to remove graffiti, are available. Supplies will be provided, free of charge, to any group that organizes a communal cleanup.

The Department’s Concern

The Neighborhood Services Department is worried not only about the costliness of graffiti, but what it conveys to the community. The Graffiti Busters Program has been established, through city efforts, in order to clean up Phoenix. Individuals are encouraged to take responsibility for their neighborhoods, that way a wide variety of locations in Phoenix have representation. The program is volunteer-based, and removes reported graffiti free of charge. It also encourages the quick removal of graffiti, which in turn makes it less likely to appear in the same area in the future.

Other Dangers Posed By Graffiti

 Phoenix Mayor Greg Stanton, who is often present to speak at Graffiti Free Phoenix Awareness Month events, has emphasized the viewpoint that graffiti not only isn’t art, but it decreases property values and sends the wrong message to visitors arriving in Phoenix. The awareness month often seeks to instill a personal responsibility in individuals, compelling them to help clean up their neighborhoods with the idea of a safer Phoenix as the end goal.

To request graffiti removal tools, or access additional information, please call: 602-534-4444

Property owners can grant the City of Phoenix Paint Team permission to remove graffiti on their location, by filling out this PDF.

Information regarding the identification of graffiti perpetrators can be shared with the Graffiti Reward Tip Line at: 602-262-7327