Disney+ To Implement Stricter Measures To Prevent Password-Sharing

Starting this summer, Disney+ will initiate efforts to combat password sharing.

During a conference call on Wednesday, Hugh Johnston, the Chief Financial Officer of Disney, announced that Disney+ members who are suspected of sharing their accounts will be given new options to help them create their own individual subscriptions.

The term “improper sharing” pertains to individuals who share their account with people who do not reside in their household.

Disney is giving its customers the option to include additional users to their account for an extra charge. However, the specific amount for this option was not revealed.

During the call, Johnston expressed excitement about implementing this new feature in order to enhance the overall satisfaction of our customers and expand our number of subscribers.

Disney+ and Hulu are currently notifying their customers about updates to Hulu’s subscriber agreements. These new terms will take effect on March 14 for current users and have already been in effect for new customers since January 25. The changes include a restriction on password sharing for individuals who are not part of the subscriber’s household.

The decision comes after the example set by rival company Netflix, who was the initial platform to prohibit the sharing of passwords in an attempt to address the decline in subscribers and profits.

Users who share their Netflix account with someone living outside their household will now be required to pay an extra $7.99 per month.