Current Arizona Driver Licenses and State Identification Cards are Valid for Air Travel until Oct. 1, 2020

Arizona, among other states, has been granted federal exemptions which will allow valid driver licenses and state IDs to be used for travel until October 1, 2020.  Arizona has started offering a voluntary ID that meets REAL ID Act requirements.

The message is being shared by the Arizona Department of Transportation.  Some travelers are confused by the new Transportation Security Administration placards that are posted at airports.  The placards indicate that as of January 28, 2018, anyone who uses a driver license or state ID for travel will need to have one from a state compliant with the federal REAL ID Act or a state with an extension for compliance.  The Arizona Department of Transportation wants to inform travelers that there is an extension until October of 2020.

There is an option for Arizonans to obtain a Voluntary Travel ID now.  This can be done by appointment at Motor Vehicle Division offices.  Without an appointment, it can be done at an authorized Third Party provider that offers driver license services.  The cost is $25 and it is valid for eight years in most cases.

If you would like further information on the Voluntary Travel ID and what documentation is required to get one, visit azdot.gov/TravelID to schedule an appointment.  You can also locate an Authorized Third Party that offers driver license services.  If you would like, you could also schedule an MVD appointment to get a Voluntary Travel ID via ServiceArizona.com.  

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