Closure of Eiffel Tower Due To Strike Affects Top Tourist Attraction

The Eiffel Tower was closed to tourists on Monday due to a strike protesting the inadequate financial management of one of the most popular destinations in the world.

At the entrance, a notice in English was displayed stating that the Eiffel Tower is currently closed due to a strike, “Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.”

The famous 330-meter (1083-foot) monument located in the heart of Paris has experienced a significant increase in tourists prior to the Summer Olympics set to be held in the city.

Travelers who have plans to see the Eiffel Tower on Monday were cautioned about potential disruptions in different languages on the official website. It is recommended for visitors to check the website prior to their visit or consider rescheduling their trip. Those who have electronic tickets are advised to check their email inboxes beforehand.

According to the website of the landmark’s operator, it has been announced that there will also be disruptions to visits at the Eiffel Tower on Tuesday.

The Eiffel Tower is usually accessible every day of the year, but it has been closed twice in the past two months due to labor strikes. Last December, the tower was shut down for a full day during the Christmas and New Year’s holidays due to a strike related to contract discussions.

Many tourists find the closure extremely disheartening. For many it has been a dream to visit the popular attraction.

According to a representative of the CGT union that represents many of the employees at the Eiffel Tower, the strike is focused on obtaining a salary raise that is proportional to the revenue generated from ticket sales. The goal is also to enhance the maintenance of the iconic monument, which is under the ownership of the Paris municipality.

According to union leaders, the Eiffel Tower’s business strategy has been condemned for relying on an exaggerated forecast of future visitors, high maintenance costs, and compensation for employees.