Canal Convergence Returns to Scottsdale

Water, art, and light.

These are the three things coming together in the namesake of the Canal Convergence 2017 Water + Art + Light event which is coming back to the Scottsdale based Waterfront hotel once more for 2017.

This yearly event now in its fifth appearance brings together artists of all types from local areas and even across the world. This year the work will be on display for six hours a day taking place from Thursday (2/23) to Sunday (2/26.)

Not only will eight major works be displayed across these four days, but there will also be plenty of side events where there will be educational groups and live music among plenty other activities.

The event features, well, exactly what you think! Though you’ll have to see it in person to truly experience the brilliance, the Canal Convergence brings together plenty of art exhibits often utilizing bright awe inspiring lights along the canal it’s featured on. Artists are also known to use the water as another tool to make the arrangements feel like they’ve come straight out of a movie screen.

The event will feature extensive talks with local artists allowing visitors to get a feel for the artist’s background and intentions before then seeing their wonderful work.

As it gets later and the sun falls the arranged lights burn bright against the dark to create a hauntingly beautiful array that you simply have to see. The best part? Seeing this wonderful event that brings the local community together for all the right reasons is free.

So come celebrate and learn a thing or two about the local culture, the hosting canal area, and good old art itself in the return of the Canal Convergence. 

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