Arizona Sheriff’s Office: Ready, Set, Go!

As we enter the summer months, wildfire season is also upon us. As we have already seen in certain areas of the state, fast moving fires have caused many neighborhoods to flee their homes for safety.

Ready, Set, Go! is a nationwide program adopted by the 15 Arizona Sheriffs that educates residents about proactive measures to take before an emergency and actions to follow when communities are threatened. It is important for each citizen to be prepared and know the basics should a risk arise.

The three steps encourage Arizonans to get READY by preparing now for what threatens their community, be SET by maintaining awareness of significant danger and to GO, evacuate immediately when the danger is current and life-threatening.

The program wants residents to be aware of the hazards that can threaten their communities, know of significant danger in their area, know the 5 P’s of evacuation, and to be aware of their county’s emergency notification systems. There is also important information on wildfires and flooding included.

The P’s of Evacuation:

People and Pets and other animals/livestock and supplies.
Prescriptions with dosages, medicines, medical equipment, vision and hearing aids, batteries and power cords, face coverings, hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes.
Papers including important documents (hard copies and/or electronic copies saved on external hard drives or thumb drives), insurance papers, contacts.
Personal Needs including clothing, water, baby supplies, food, cash, credit cards, first aid kits, phones, and chargers. Items for people with access and/or functional needs, such as older adults and children.
Priceless items including photos, irreplaceable mementos and other valuables.

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