Arizona Secretary of State’s Office Release Statewide Voter Quarterly Registration Report, Registered Democratic Voters Grow In Maricopa County

According to a recent report from the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office, there are now about 4.4 million registered voters in the state.

The quarterly report shows the majority of those voters, about 3.93 million, are active. This means their voter information is up to date. The number of inactive registered voters increased by about 75,000, to just over 495,000 voters. Inactive voters are still registered and eligible to participate in elections, but are labeled inactive because:

  • Two election mailings sent to the registration address are returned undeliverable; and
  • The voter has not yet submitted a new registration form or otherwise updated his or her address.

“It is not unusual to see fluctuation in the number of inactive voters following a statewide election, because of the increase in official election mail that is sent out during that time,” Secretary of State Katie Hobbs said. “It’s important to remember that inactive voters are still registered and eligible to participate in elections; they just need to update some registration information or vote in any election in the next two general election cycles to avoid having their registration canceled. Inactive voters immediately return to active status if they update their registration or vote in any election in the next two general election cycles.”

According to the report, Democratic registered voters in Maricopa County, state’s most populous county, have grown by nearly 26,000 since the start of the year among active voters. Republican registered active voters have decreased by just under 5,000 people.

While Democratic active registered voters have grown since the start of the year, Republican registered active voters still have the majority in the county. The report shows that 835,561 active voters in the county are registered Republican as opposed to 749,918 active registered Democrats.

The complete quarterly voter registration report that includes county, legislative district and congressional district information is available at or by calling 1-877-THE-VOTE.

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