Yuma Sector Border Patrol Dog Sniffs Out Two Major Drug Seizures in a Week

There is a 4-legged canine who is taking care of some serious business at the Arizona border.

A Yuma Border Patrol canine has been recently acknowledged in helping authorities locate not one, but two major drug seizures within a week.

At approximately 3 p.m., the dog, named Cibi, alerted agents to the presence of drugs in a Dodge Dakota at the Highway 78 immigration checkpoint. During a subsequent search of the vehicle, agents discovered a leather jacket sleeve hidden under the vehicle’s rear seat with a duct-taped package inside that contained over seven pounds of fentanyl.

Two U.S. citizens from Brawley, California, were arrested. The fentanyl that was seized is valued at more than $76,000, authorities said.

Cibi also alerted alerted authorities on April 5 to drugs hidden in another vehicle, leading to the discovery of 60 pounds of methamphetamine worth $108,000.

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