Woman Arrested For Making Multiple Threats Against Pinal County Sheriff Mark Lamb

Hannah Luna

The Pinal County Sheriff’s Office has apprehended a female who allegedly made multiple threats against Sheriff Mark Lamb and at least one other member of his family.

As per the probable cause statement provided by PCSO, Hannah Luna is accused of making death threats against Sheriff Lamb through emails and social media posts, one of which showed a picture of Lamb with a simulated gunshot wound to his head.

In addition to her actions towards Lamb, Luna recently sent an alarming email, even though she had been served with a restraining order in August 2023.

After a few days, Luna sent a threatening email to the victim’s minor daughter, along with a photo. The victim’s wife also saw a social media post where Luna had put their child up for sale.

The alleged threats were made throughout a span of several months.

According to the PCSO, the victims were deeply concerned about Luna’s ability to carry out their threats.

Luna was arrested for aggravated harassment, making threats, and tampering. At the time of her arrest, Luna claimed to have no access to the internet or electronic devices.

According to official records, Luna had an active warrant for arrest in Coolidge, in which she had violated a previous court order, and had previously failed to attend other court cases.