Will Arizona Face A Turkey Shortage For Thanksgiving?

The holidays are quickly approaching and with the supply chain issues that are growing in our country, many are questioning if there is concern for not only holiday gifts, but what will be missing from the annual holiday meals.

Concerns and fears of a turkey shortage this Thanksgiving because supply chain issues have many Arizona consumers worried. Should consumers be concerned of a turkey shortage?

Experts do not feel there will be a turkey shortage this year, however, they are warning consumers to be prepared to pay a higher price for your bird and you should start your Thanksgiving preparation now.

There are a multitude of ongoing issues with the food supply chain, with everything from, shortages in labor, transportation, and packaging materials. In addition, companies have incurred sky-rocketing costs for grain-feed.

Those additional costs will ultimately go to the consumer. Experts say there likely won’t be an issue finding a turkey for Thanksgiving, but experts are warning consumers expect to pay more than you’re used to, an estimated 10 to 15 percent more for our turkeys this year.

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